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01 Seven Years

Growing trees like leaves

Up to the sky, there’s no turning back

So tell me, are you all right?

Don’t let them take you

Don’t let anyone take your soul

Don’t let them feel like they’re in

Your head, my head – ‘cause I’m

Going away to see if they’re are brighter days

Where I might feel more like myself

And feel like holding on

Holding on to something

Kidding yourself

I will be there

I will follow

And I’ll wait

Wait all the way

And if I fail

This will be the last time you’ll hear from me

Somewhere in this galaxy

There’s a place where we all think the same

Hey you with your own ideas

Where you think you’re going with them?

Are you sure?

Or are you just bringing them to show me?

Hanging ‘round this tourist town

Eats you up and spits you out

And it seems so pretty

Running, hiding, feeling something

Loving someone - butterflies in my stomach

Listen to me talk in circles

Always loving myself

Always hating myself

Always selling myself out

02 Souvenirs

Through these eyes I find

I’m a lot like you

You save me from a boring day

I know everything about you

I wake in the morning just to step outside

To see if the light shinning bright is true

Or something I made up

Numb myself in the greenest grass

And pray to God that it lasts

The rain, it keeps fallin’

The pain, it keeps lovin’

What makes me feel this way

I want it to go away

So I went for a walk

And I tried to talk

No one heard

Then you dance in the street

Is there enough to eat?

You’re one of the few

Selfish me and selfish you

Make me do what you want me to

Just cut my strings

And puppet things

I don’t wanna do what you tell me to

The rain, it gets harder

The fear, it gets prouder

What makes me feel this way

I want it to go away

03 Needle

I was walking

Through the doorway

When you came

I was searching

For a feeling

I just don’t get

So I wrote you

A little letter

What to say

The way that you love me

Is like a needle in my vein

The way you look inside it

I do it again

I was certain

That I would never get away

A fire burning

It hasn’t found its way

To the water yet


04 Once For A Change

I’m hanging on to every word you say

It feels like it’s getting away

Leaves are falling, summer’s slipping away

The time it takes to reminisce about this

Is the time it takes away from moving on

Breathing’s getting harder, the longer it takes

So once for a change

I want to believe

In every word that you say

Before it gets away

Take me to the time we laughed about everything

In between the moon and the stars

The places and people that we should be

Am I dragging you down?

Before it gets away

05 Flying Skeletons


Cause I want you to


All your soul promised you

If I could only be the one to show you that

We all will live forever


Cause I want you to


And fade into you

‘Cause it’s so hard to find

A place that’s still

I know, I feel it too

Believe me

Sit in the grass

Sit in your house

Sit in your room

And take your time just doing

What you’re meant to do

It’s all your soul promised you

We all come down

06 Feet

Wanna get my feet back on the ground

I don’t wanna make a sound

Don’t wanna hear it out loud

As the walls come down

And we all fall out

And everything becomes normal

The storm that I thought would blow over

Seems to be the way things just might stay

Where do you go when everything’s wrong

I tried to write it all down

It helps me belong

In a crowd of faces that could be wrong

They all sing their song

Hey darling, do you realize you’ll always be alone

I climb on in waves

Only see if there’s a light

I start to breath along with the trees

It takes on a life of its own

So gather round

This candle burning out, yeah

I climb on in ways

Only see if there’s a light

I start to breath along with the trees

I feel all right, but don’t know if I am

So gather around

This old clown

It’s better that way

It’s better, better that way

07 Bomb Shelter

I'm trying to understand, the meaning of this land

As I sit and watch it fill me with doubt

I'm trying to figure out, things that have a meaning

In all the things that I love, in all the things I

Can't live without

There I go again

Under the shelter, I found when I met her

You don't even know how beautiful you are

Fear is a thought and a thought can

Be held in forever or released

I was hiding in a southern forest

Now everything's changing

I must have been blinded

By the storm clouds before

I don't see them anymore

I don't fear them anymore

With you

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