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Captain Black Heart | Budgie

The return of Captain Black Heart and its full-length, Budgie, take up right where the inventive duo, Erwin Herceg and Dino Malito, left off.  The self-contained songwriter/musicians’ previous self-titled EP established a style bent through a lens of influences as much as by disposition and place.  Consider this the panoramic view.

While the multi-instrumentalism of Herceg and Malito is on display throughout, Budgie employs several guests for its mood mission; primarily additional drums, bass, and keyboards.  But these are seamless and skilled co-conspirators, blended into the mix by the deft and nimble hands of Nashville producer Noel Golden.  The record is as much the fully-realized vision of the duo as it is representative of a larger ensemble.

Captain Black Heart’s latest step depicts a duo that values collaboration without diluting its vision; that draws on a variety of sources for inspiration, yet always returns to its home ground.  Recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville, Budgie takes full advantage of the friends it gathers, utilizing the two cities as both a literal and figurative resource and backdrops for its sonic journey.

While the EP served as a fine introduction to this pair, Budgie is more a complete narrative.  This is a collection of songs with fully developed ideas and characters that inhabit the places they have invented or reflected.  Captain Black Heart is back, bringing an album that combines the talent, substance, and creativity of its makers.


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